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The Neurocentric Rider

A brain based approach to all things relating to horse riding.

Welcome to The Neurocentric Rider, where we specialize in studying rider movement and biomechanics to provide personalised training programs and coaching. Our team of experts use cutting-edge research and application to help riders improve their riding performance, reduce their risk of injuries, and build a strong relationship with their horse. We offer a holistic approach to rider biomechanics, taking into account both the physical and mental aspects of riding. Book your first session today and take your riding to the next level!


Connecting your brain to your body

We work with all levels of rider,  style and discipline.  If you want to improve and learn more about how you can help your horse, get in touch we can help. 

Lotti and her horse Bandit

About me 

— My Story

I'm Lotti Hutchinson. I am a Neurocentric Rider Biomechanics and movement rehabilitation coach.  I look at how your brain communicates to your body and use this to help you move and perform better. 


We can support you in many different ways 

Lotti Coaching a dressage rider

121 appointments

121 Ground and ridden sessions with Lotti looking at your compensations,  pain and weakness

rider doing knee rehabilition


Learn more about the brain based approach.  We run regular educational sessions. 

rider doing hipand pelvis movements

Seminars & Clinics

We run information seminars and talks both in clinic,  on zoom and at your yard


Claire Hope

Lotti calls it Neurocentric, I call it a miracle and so simple to apply to both your daily routine and ridden one.

Chloe James

Wow, I couldn't control myright leg,  Lotti found the simple cues and easy ways to get me back in control. What an amazing application of movement science to horse riding.  

Kathy Nicholls

(Lotti) you have given me more range of movement in one session than a doctor, a specialist and a years worth of physio!


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Lotti Coaching wester rider with knee and ankle dysfunction
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