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10 key facts you need to know about riding and breathing.

Breathing is so much more than just the flow of air in and out of you. Using breathing and ensuring breathwork mechanics, chemicals and physiology are right to play a key role in ensuring you are not guarding, improving balance and driving correct body tone in the right areas. In an assessment, we use the brain and breathing systems together to enhance performance, balance and body health in all of our riders. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Breathing is one of the key ways we get fuel(oxygen) to our brain and ensure its ability to do its job. So breathing is vital for everyone including riders.

  2. The mechanics of the rib cage must be ideal to ensure you are able to absorb force and move correctly in the spine and shoulder.

  3. Carbon dioxide and Oxygen is controlled by chemoreceptors ( tell your brain about the chemical in the body) The body has to be able to detect, signal and react to changes. Riders with asthma, and COPD can struggle with these which inhibit performance and movement. there are things you can do to work on these.

  4. Riders need to be able to move up and down the sympathetic and parasympathetic scales. This can be controlled via breathwork and vagal nerve release work.

  5. Nasal breathing has many benefits including a deeper activation of the diaphragm. In riders using the diaphragm allows you to enable deep stabilisers of the spine and pelvis.

  6. Breathholds increase Global Flexion via the Midbrain in the brain stem.

  7. Deep-slow breaths increase global extension via stimulation of the PONS in the brain stem.

  8. Forced Exhales increase Global flexor tone via the medulla.

  9. Breathing enhances Gut health and function in a number of ways from signalling between the brain and the gut, to using the diaphragm to assist the movement in the colon. No rider wants to suffer from gut problems or pain.

  10. Breathwork and vagus nerve release can be used to clear brain fog, and poor memory recall, and improve concentration. Something all riders wish for to ensure they can connect with their horse and rider well.

To learn more about your breathing or how to correct it get in touch for an online or in-clinic assessment.


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