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Do you ride with your head down?

Do you know the knock on effect it has to the rest of the body in mobility, strength and activation.

Eyes down had a chain reaction.

Eyes down ..

.. Makes the Head down..

.. Which causes Flexion in neck ..

.. That then makes Rounded shoulders ..

.. That lead to Blocked t-spine ..

.. And Blocked rib cage ..

.. That’s leads to Poor diaphragm engagement ..

.. In turn causes Poor pelvic floor engagement ..

.. That’s leads to Poor pelvic stability ..

.. And a Unstable leg.

That then changes your seat position and your contact points that then changes the connection to your horse.

By looking up we correct the body chain but moving your eyes up does so much more.

When your eyes move up it neurologically situmlates and increases tone in extensors of the body helping us sit up taller and more stable!

So let’s think twice when we’re looking down.

In our rider assessments one of the key things we check is eye movements and your ability to move the eyes.

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