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Insoles and orthotics! Are they destroying your sole of your riding?

We are living on a world of quick fixes and insoles and orthotics are one of those. In most people are wrongly prescribed orthotics when they just need to

I know that sound controversial but hear me out. Most people who have insoles had them for pain, either ankle pain, knee pain back pain and it’s because their arch of the foot collapses in.

Think about this what does the insole do? It lifts the arch, moves the ankle position which has a chain reaction to the rest of the body ‘Correcting it’. But the reason the collapsed arch is there is because of foot weakness, lack of proprioception and poor fitting shoes(normally too narrow.)

Neurologically we know a blocked ankle and foot motion restricts and inhibit movement in the joints above.

So with a blocked foot and ankle Joints the joint receptor send signal saying your brain saying it’s not safe to move due to blocked movement at the ankle. So it stops th joint above being able to Move with stiffness and tightness.

With the ankle signally you the brain to say it’s not safe so you lose the ability to laterally transfer pressure through the outside the lower leg, through the hamstring up to the glutes to the lower back via the Sacroilliac joint where it crosses to the opposite side of the body, travel up the opposite Erector Spinea to the base of the neck on the opposite side and into the opposite shoulder and arm.

So when your riding are those tight hip flexors or weak glutes or anterior pelvic tilt or feets and knees turned out or upper back stiffness due to poor fitting shoes or daily orthotics you use? Maybe time to

consider teaching your feet to move better and strengthen them up.

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