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Who has the magic fix?

As I start to work more in the Equine world it is very interesting that each trade is convinced they are the answer to a problem. In this dog eat dog world it's facinating to watch how everyone thinks they are the best and have the answer.

But in reality everyone has to work together and be open minded in their own trade.

Let start with me( Lotti)

Do I know everything? no never will I'm not that clever!

Do I know everything about the equine world? no definitely don't.

Do I know everything in rider biomechanics? No

Even in a neuro application to rider biomechanics and movement? No ...most likely more than lots of people but never everything

So why am I saying all this? Well answer the questions above if you are a saddle fitter, trainer, biomechanics coach, vet? The answer should be no... and if it's not you need to open your eyes to an ever changing world. The world is continually changing and science consistently evolving showing what we know today has been researched further tomorrow knowledge.

Each area within the equine world have specialists and these specialist specialise in their own area. But their area is continually adapting and changing(if not in this country definelty are in other countries). As our equine industry develops as we understand more science, our trainers, coaches must be adaptable and open minded to change but also to develop and continue to challenge current science.

Did you know of the horse isnt moving well you could need help from vets, chiros, osteos,

body worker, farrier, saddle fitter, trainer, bit fitter, horsemanship coach, human sport therapist/physio, biomechanics coach, doctor just to name a few! And if these don't all refer out or on when they know some else can help better then they are failing the horse.

I work and am happy to work with anyone who wants to learn and to help understand more about neuro approach this includes biomechanics coaches all the way though to equine dentists. I am also happy to learn and want to learn more about other areas so I can refer out too.

We started with the question who has the magic fix? No one. We all have our own skills that need continually challenging and by working together we give riders and horses the best opportunity to shine.

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