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Workshop 1- The Neurocentric Rider 

What is a Neurocentric approach. The must knows and basic application to riders to help improve you seat that day!  All bring it down to the simplest form with practical skill you can use immediately


6 pm 4th June 2024 


Workshop 2 - The Balance Rider 

 How and why being able to get activate your parasympathetic nervous system WILL improve your riding ( and life). Education and understanding along with self-help manual exercises. (not breathing or meditation work)

6pm 11 th June 2024


Workshop 3- The Body Aware Rider

The Neurocentric way of becoming body aware.  If you know how to move part of your body off the horse then applying it to your riding will be MUCH easier.  A fun practical session working on body awareness and understanding movement.


6pm Tueday 21st June 2024


Workshop 4- Weak and Wonky Rider- how to fix it. 

 The must-know movements to start rebuilding your seat.


6pm Tuesday 28th June 2024

All 4 online Workshops in June 2024

£60.00 Regular Price
£50.00Sale Price
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