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Join us for a live workshop on breath work for riders to understand how breathwork can unleash better balance, coordination, and concentration.  but also taping into the way that breath work can help brain function,  gut function and 


.A recording will be available if you are unable to make it live.  


In this workshop you will learn

  • What breath work actually is
  • How we are meant to breath ( and thats NOT into your Belly)
  • Why it is important element of any riders daily routine
  • The how different breathing drills have different effects
  • Drills to start to make a difference today
    • Rib cage and lungs
    • Diaphrgam
    • Vagal nerve
    • Brainstem tone
    • Breathing to improvement
    • Test of body state- Parasympatheric vs symapthetic


Come join us in this amazing workshop to understand more about how to hack in to your breathwork for huge movment and health gains.  



Breath work for Riders- The Neurocentric Way- Tuesday 18th June 2024 6pm

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