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Join us for a live workshop on the Balance rider to understand how and where we get balance from. Knowing the brain is a driver of all movement,  balance is also one of those.  These are all things that are different to your tradition stand on one leg, stand on a wobble board or arms out when you're riding drills. We look into how the brain uses information (inputs) to decide if your balance can be good or not. This may also be the key to all those riders who suffer from hip tightness too!


Tuesday 11th June 2024 6pm.  Recording will be available if you are unable to make it live.  


In this workshop, you will learn

  • What balance is
  • How we balance
  • Why is an important element of any riders daily routine
  • The difference elements of balance
  • How and when to practice your balance drills
  • Drills to start to make a difference today
    • Visual
    • Vestibular
    • Breathing
    • Body awareness


Come join us in this amazing workshop to understand more about your balance.  

The Balance Rider- The Neurocentric Way

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