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We offer a number of different services for all types of riders,  we work with elite performers to your happy hackers,  from riders in pain to those with life-changing injuries. If you would like to know more please fill in the contact form below or message us and we would be happy to discuss your injuries prior to an appointment if needed. Please read below or contact us at if you are unsure


Ridden Assessment

Neurocentric Ridden assessment looks at your injury history,  current movements and ridden movements.  In this initial session, we discover the areas of concern and start with rider correction exercises.

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Non ridden Assessment

Neurocentric Initial movement assessment can be done in the Catterick clinic or online.  In this assessment, we look at all your previous injuries, history,  current movement and riding movement issues.  


Follow up and on-going movement coaching Sessions

This follows an initial assessment ridden or non-ridden both online or in person.  

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Monthly Support plan 

Available to all riders to set out a movement plan. With a 15-minute call per month, and programmed exercises. It allows you to have the support of our team and a structured exercise plan to help you move forwards with your riding.


Performance Enhancement

We work with elite athletes and riders to enhance current performance and ensure they are moving efficiently and they do not have any guarding mechanism which may inhibit performance.


Group Clinics

We offer group sessions and 121s -yard visits, clinics, ridden and non-ridden. 

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Online Education 

We run a rider education Programme, regular seminars on current science and support events with talks and demos.


Seminar and educational talks

If you have an event or group you feel we can help educate get in touch with lotti regarding talking and seminars

Ridden Assessments

We examine both your ground and horse riding in our ridden exams. The session is an hour to an hour and 30 minutes long where we take a full injury history, and look at your ground-based movements to allow us to check the Neurocentric essentials and foundations of movement needed for riding. After that, we screen your ridden work to see where you are having trouble, experiencing pain, or feeling that your body needs to be improved. We can provide you with workouts which concentrate on the parts of your brain that are not effectively communicating with your body and the parts that respond to a threat reaction using ridden and non-ridden Neurocentric screening.

The courses are appropriate for all levels of experience and are the ideal place to start if you are trying to address persistent problems that, despite the guidance of instructors and coaches, you just can't seem to resolve.

Non ridden Assessments

You can do our online or in-person non-ridden Neurocentric Initial movement assessment in our Catterick clinic. We examine all of your previous injuries, medical history, and current movement and riding concerns throughout this assessment. We recommend Neurocentric movement corrective exercises for you to perform at home following the Neurocentric screening assessment.

If you have a complicated injury history, are in pain both on and off the horse, or want to make sure you are starting and correcting movement by creating solid movement foundations and rider biomechanics, this session is perfect for you.

Follow up sessions 

This comes following an initial assessment, regardless in person or online, regardless if it was ridden or not. We review your workouts, assess your neurocentric adaptations, rescreen, and then advance your exercise routine. You have the option to upgrade to our support app, which gives you access to videos that accompany your daily workout regimen and check-in chat capabilities that help you stay in touch with your therapist and stay on track with the exercises that will improve your riding. It is recommended to follow up every two to six weeks to see the biggest advancements.

Monthly movement  Support plan

All riders can create a movement plan with our monthly movement support plan. This is a great way to stay in connected with our team without constantly making appointments.Every month, we schedule a 15-minute call to review the goals for the month, test a few movements, and programme exercises for you. This makes it possible for you to benefit from our team's assistance and organised  workout programme for improving your riding. This is ideal for individuals on initial and subsequent appointments to encourage and enhance the work you are doing, and it's also ideal for someone who simply wants to move better who doesn't have many mobility concerns.

Performance enhancement

We work with all levels of riders to improve their existing performance, ensure they are moving efficiently, and assess for any guarding mechanisms that could be hindering their ability to perform.

When assessing peak performance, we have to make sure the athlete's body is not creating or responding to any threat factors, and that the body and brain are effectively communicating. We use our pillars system to work with riders in our performance enhancement programme to ensure sure they have no uncontrolled movement areas and can use all neurocentric 'hacks' to their advantage when performing and at key times. We collaborate with top athletes and riders to improve their existing performance, make sure they are moving smoothly, and check for any guarding mechanisms that could be impeding their ability to perform. 

Online Education

In addition to our regular seminars on current research and rider education, we also support events with discussions and demonstrations. These webinars address a broad range of subjects that are essential to riders. The objective is to increase your awareness of the various aspects of riding that can enhance your riding by doing them yourself. They also have an important influence on training saddle fitters, biomechanics coaches, and instructors in the modern equestrian world to apply the most recent movement science from other sports and across the world to riders' movement and posture needs.

Learning on your own schedule is made possible by the ability to catch up on missed education and return to a lesson as often as necessary.

We offer two different kinds of online education: live recorded online workshops that you can purchase after the session has concluded, and exercise-based online programmes that you may complete at your own pace.

You can enjoy the same advantages as if you were viewing the workshop in person.

Spring webinar series

The Neurocentric Rider 18th March 2024 at 7.30pm

Post Concussion Syndrome webinar for riders 25th March at 6pm

The Parasympatetic Rider  webinar 11th April 2024 7.30pm

 To book please follow the link below. 

121 Ground based Coaching

We will examine your mobility and biomechanics during this hour-long session. We take as much information as possible about you, your desired range of movement, and any previous injuries during the assessment. We then assess your strength, mobility, and neuromuscular function. After collecting all the data, we take a seat together and discuss the moment dysfunction, highlighting your strengths and limitations as well as any potential injury risks or areas that could be holding you back from becoming a better rider.

To Book call 07757780202 or email

Yard Visit Locations

We examine your movement both for riding on the ground and while mounted in our ridden assessments. During the session, we collect a thorough history of your injuries and examine your ground-based movement to assess the neurocentric foundations and basics of movement required for riding. We review your completed work, examining the areas where you are experiencing difficulties, pain, or a sense that your body requires better control. We can provide you with workouts that target the parts of your brain that are not effectively communicating with your body and the parts that are responding to a threat reaction by using both the ridden and non-ridden Neurocentric screening.

To book a visit please contact us on 07757780202,  email

Please Email 

The Neurocentric Rider Clinic

Are you wonky or weak? Fall you to a certain side?  Do you have a problem that your coach is unable to resolve? We will work with you in small groups in our clinics to help your body and brain work together.  Every rider receives instruction using our neurocentric approach to movement, which ensures your body will begin to function on automatically.  This clinic is for you if you have a rouge leg or arm, or you just can't seem to get a movement.

In our clinics, we'll be focusing on teaching every rider the neurocentric method of getting their bodies to function subconsciously. This clinic is for you if you have a rouge leg, a wicked arm, or you just can't seem to get a movement for whatever reason.

Normal rider biomechanics is not at all like a neurocentric screening technique. We examine the communication between the brain and the body. This includes a thorough history of injuries, present pain and problems, and movement assessments both on and off the horse. Together, these help establish a picture of each rider's worries and problems, enabling us to assist in modifying the biomechanics and actions. Many problems stem from a rider's past injury history and are caused by the perceived threat that subsequently prevents or blocks specific motions or makes the body forget how to move in a specific way.

A rider is unlikely to be able to perform the same movement when riding without thinking about it if they are unable to perform it consciously while on the ground. Our movement coaching and rehabilitation begin here.


We offer different types of options as a clinic hosted at your location where the host organises the bookings.  To book a clinic a minimum of 5 hours of teaching time needs to be booked/ 


Individual assessments

1 hour long with ground-based and ridden assessment of movement for individual riders.

Minimum of 5


Small Clinic groups

2 Riders - 60 Minutes

3 riders - 90 Minutes

All are riding at the same time.


Mixed Session Group (3 hours)

Non-ridden session followed by a ridden session in small ridden groups 3/4.

1-hour non-ridden and 1 hour ridden.

Min of 6 

Please contact us at 07757780202 or email


To book your time slot please contact us on 07757780202 or email

To book email 

Call 07757780202

or book online below


With us at ours!

Initial movement Assessment 

Injury Assessment 

Movement Rehabilitation

Performance Enhancement



Initial movement Assessment 

Injury Assessment 

Movement Rehabilitation

Performance Enhancement


At your Yard

Ridden Assessment 

Event support

Ridden Group or 121 clinics


Talk and seminar support

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