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Lotti and Bandit Her QH Gelding
Lotti Hutchinson 

Lotti graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a BSc(Hons) in Sports Therapy in 2009 and since then has continually challenged her knowledge and kept current with science and research. 

Lotti is a highly experienced therapist who has her own large sports injury clinic with a team of wonderful therapists.  In 2022 Lotti was keen to get a Neurocentric approach to movement,  riding and rehabilitation out in the wider Equestrian world, to allow the industry to become current and allow riders to be the best rider they can be.  


Lotti has a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience from working in a range of clinics and sports teams including semi-professional football teams, and professional rugby teams, with elite horse riders across multiple disciplines, and all stages of runners. She has a keen eye for most sports but has a huge passion for horse riding. Lotti is keen for every rider to understand how to move their body in the most efficient way which allows the connection to the horse to be at its optimal.  

Lotti specialises in a neuromuscular approach to movement and rehabilitation.  She has been studying Neuromuscular systems and training for a number of years and is currently completing her Neurocentric approach to rehabilitation with Z-Health University which uses the latest and most current research.  Lotti looks at your movement through a Neural lens which may be an angle you have never had your injury looked at before.  

In Lottis' own time she likes to spend time with her 3 children, and 2 horses (1 is a shetland so not a real horse),  walking and exploring the dales with the children and Finn our working cocker spaniel and running up to half marathon distance. 

Lotti aims to get you back to your optimal performance by teaching you how to move free of pain using a variety of different movement technique types. 

BSc(Hons) Sports Therapy 2009

Z Health University - Post Concussion Rehabilitation 2022

Z Health University - Essentials of Elite Performance 2022

Z Health University R phase - Rehabilitation and Re-education2022

Z Health University I phase - Integration 2022

Z Health University S Phase - Sports and Skill 2023

Z health University T Phase - Threat 2023

Vagal nerve Mojo Release 2022

Tongue Mojo 2023

Lymphatic Mojo 2023

Advanced Glymphatic Mojo 2023

Shift Adapt - Art of Breathwork 2021

CTRS Rehabilitator - The Running School London 2019

Certified Running Technique Specialist - The Running School London 2019

Functional Biomechanics of Running 2017

Movement Repatterning 2017

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) Coach 2017

Level 4 Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach 2007

Level 4 Sport Massage 2005

Vacuum Cupping 2016

Rocktape 2016

First Aid at work (renewal done) Feb 2022

Safeguarding (renewal Sept 2022)

RFU Rugby Ready 2005

RFU Tag Rugby 2002

Level 1 Hockey Coaching 2006

Level 1 Swimming Coach  2003





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