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Certified TNR Coach

Find out more about our Neurocentric approach

Certified 'The Neurocentric Rider' Biomechanics Coach

If you are an instructor, sadder fitter, or coach and want to progress to the next stage of your career this course is for you. We will cover everything you need to know and be competent to be able to assess, coach, and help riders both on the ground and ridden.  

One-year programme to become an accredited 'The Neurocentric Rider' biomechanics coach. Course 


Monthly Q and A session online. 

8 days of direct Teaching

Access to all mini-workshops. 

Lifetime access to a continually updated video library.

Recommended reading - Books and Research papers

Branded hoodie and t-shirt

Online portal access


CPD Accreditation and hours


May 2024 

Pre-course work


7th, 8th and 9th June 2024

3 days of educational seminar and workshop in Catterick Garrison,  this will be offered online too

  • Basics of the body and Movement

  • The Neurocentric Rider approach

  • Neurology - getting to know the current science

  • Pain, injury, and Dysfunction in riders

  • Ground Based assessments and assessment structure


July, August, and September 2024

30 hours ground-based case study complete

Online exam - Open book


4th, 5th and 6th October 2024

3 days of education seminars and workshop,  this will be offered online.

  • Horse riders - the basic ridden movements and gaits

  • The ridden assessment and assessment structure

  • AM in the clinic - PM In School assessing ridden work.


November,  December  2024, and January 2025

30 hours ridden based assessments- Case study complete

Online exam - open book 


1st and 2nd Feb 2025

2-day educational seminars and ridden workshops- must attend in person 

  • Performance and enhancement 

  • Ridden Disciplines and the Differences

  • Case study overview.

  • 121 planning with Lotti 


March,  April, and May 2025

40 hours of mixed case study’s over at least 3 different disciplines.

Online exam -  open book. 


Following years -

Membership (small fee) 1/2 Yearly CPD update, meet up and update in the science and new/updated ways of working 


Due to the nature of the course we teach all the information needed. We do request participants must show relevant areas of work as the information in the course is in-depth,  this can be through a wide range of previous qualifications,  interests or experience. 


Please contact Lotti if you have any questions and applications must be made via email to Lotti at


Accredited Neurocentric rider coach 

Ground and ridden based coach-

 £3000- Payment plan options available. £500 Deposit

Attend all 3 weekends training.

100 hours case studies


Ground based coach only

Ground based coach only - £2250 

Ideal for physio, PT and Human movement coaches etc.

Attend first 2 weekends online or in person

80 hours case studies- if online video evidence need submitting.  


Top up can be purchased from 2025 to become a ridden coach.  £1250

The course must be paid for in full before the release of the pre-course paperwork. 

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