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Breathing is a vital system that helps with movement dysfunction and pain relief

Another vital system we need to use well to help with moving and pain relief is our breathing.

As we breathe in, our lungs need to be able to expand and this can only be achieved if the rib cage is able to move. The lower ribs move out and up, the middle ribs move out and the upper ribs move up and forwards. You will not have perfect symmetry between the left and the right but both sides of the rib cage need to be able to move.

Movement of the Rib cage is vital for riders for so many reasons,

  • it allows oxygen and carbon dioxide to be exchanged at the alveoli,

  • it cause the diaphragm to contract with works with our pelvic floor

  • it allows the stimulation of the vital organs such as stomach, liver, kidney and bowel.

  • it allows for flexion and extension of the spine.

  • it allows smooth and effective movement and stabilisation of the shoulder.

In our assessments, we check you are breathing and moving the rib cage well and teach you how to improve the Physiological responses you are having to poor breathing mechanics. If you are not these can be the trigger of many different injuries and chronic pain.

Riders with poor breathing mechanics brace against their horse movement and tend to suffer from lower back pain or poor pelvis stability and migraines.

If you are struggling with your breathing, your rib cage isn't moving, you have poor pelvis floor control, or you suffer from Long Covid*, COPD, or asthma we can help improve your breathing to prevent it from being an issue when you are riding.

To book an initial assessment appointment please contact Lotti on 07757780202 or email

*if you are suffering from Long Covid and have more Neural Symptoms please book in with Lotti

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