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Vagus Nerve- If it is compressed you WILL stay in a state of stress- not ideal for riding.

The body works as one system but it has to prioritise some systems over others. the first system needs in order to function well is the vagal nerve which has to be able to work in order for us to be able to down-regulate ourselves. This is our rest and digest nerve.. it stimulates everything that slows us down and calms us down. If this nerve can not stimulate then we stay in a heightened state causing high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, pain, poor digestion, and poor breathing.. just to name a few.

As science explores and we are learning more, the equestrian world of health and fitness are really encouraging people to stimulate the vagus nerve using breathwork, humming, singing, cold water submersion, laughter, or exercise. But what happens if your body is blocked or impinging on the nerve? This could be due to posture, mechanics or tension. However much you try and stimulate the signal is never going to be at its best. When riding you need to be able to down-regulate to reduce tightness, guarding and bracing.

With our Vagus Nerve assessment and treatment, we work through the areas of entrapment alongside adding stimulations to help reduce pain or enhance your riding.

To book an appointment please email or call 07757780202 Online and in-person appointments are available.

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