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Lymphatics and how they may be the cause of the movement issue with your riding!

Your lymphatics system is your body aquarium where all the nutrients bathe your cells and waste removal happens. If your lymphatics system is blocked or slow your drainage becomes poor your body cannot perform optimally.

As a rider if you have poor drainage you are not providing the body with sufficient nutrients and clearing of the waste products in time, the system becomes stale and starts to have a negative effect on your movement and performance, causing pain, fatigue, poor sleep, and swellings, to name a few. Like a fish tank with a broken filter, you get a build-up of waste over time causing a slow onset on symptoms.

If you are a rider aiming to enhance performance this is the key to your speed of recovery and a huge player in your strength and mobility.

In our Lymphatic Drainage appointments, we work on clearing lymphatics to ensure the system and body has an optimal opportunity for recovery and healing allowing for peak performance. we work on clearing your lymphatic system and teaching you how you can ensure it continues to drain well when you are away from the clinic. to book a Lymphatic Assessment and treatment appointment please email or call 07757780202

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